Since this website is made with the intention to promote my skills as a music composer, I thought it could be nice to tell you a bit about the reasons why I do what I do.

The biggest reason why I like making soundtrack music is that it is such a huge playing field. You never really have any rules that needs to be followed. A movie, TV show or video game can be scored in an infinite number of ways, in any style of music. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

Of course there are considerations to be made, but it often boils down to personal taste. I think the best thing a composer can have is intuition, to know instinctively what to do, what paths to take.

The other reason why I started making soundtrack music is because I've always love themes. As a kid I was humming Star Wars and Indiana Jones themes, jumping around on the sofa like crazy, every time I heard the MacGyver theme. ( I still do :)

When images and music just click, it can be a very powerful experience. That is why I do it, to evoke something. One day, perhaps I could make somebody, somewhere, jump up and down on a sofa too.