Apocalypse Online
Tuesday January 22th 2008 14:32
Iíve posted yet another two tracks in the music section. Ive been helping out my friends at Sansoft with their upcomming release Apocalypse Online.

I made two loopable ambient tracks for two of the main factions in the game. The Nomads and the Raiders. And also the Desert track and Requiem for tellus was also made for the game. I will probably make one more soon.

Check out the games website at http://www.apoc-online.net/
New Tunes in the music section
Tuesday January 8th 2008 00:32
Iíve posted some new tunes in the music section. A orchestral piece called "Creatures", inspired by the Video game Gears of War. Dark and Heroic. Im really had alot of fun making that one.

And then there are some Electronic tunes also. "Drone" (witch i med today), "Maze" and "The Scope". Hope you guys like em. I will keep em coming as long as i have time.
Got the Website up and running
Tuesday June 5th 2007 14:24
I finaly got the website up and running, although its not done. Im sitting done uploading songs, fixing links and writing text. Fun but id rather be outside in the sun.